Rota, Nino: Il Casanova Di Federico Fellini (Vinyl LP)

Rota, Nino: Il Casanova Di Federico Fellini (Vinyl LP)


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The original soundtrack for Il Casanova di Federico Fellini (1976) sees Nino Rota putting into music Federico Fellini's opus on the legendary Venetian icon and tombeur des femmes, Giacomo Casanova. Winner of an Oscar for Best Costumes in 1977, the film is one of Fellini's finest, a grotesque and hyperbolic take on the life of Casanova that is matched by Rota's compositions. Il Casanova di Federico Fellini possibly is one of Rota's most eerie and enigmatic scores, as if the Maestro had finally poured into a soundtrack all of his love for esotericism. The music wraps you up like the Venetian mist. The compositions are constantly on the edge of classical music with playful nuances and the use of instruments like viola and cello. Vocals become a cornerstone, echoing the tradition of 18th-century Italian opera. However, Rota also leaves room for more experimental, electronic and estranging vibes that make the soundtrack a one-of-a-kind voyage into the creativity of the Maestro. Double Vinyl LP - 14 Tracks Previously Unreleased on Vinyl O Venezia Venaga Venusia, L'uccello Magico, A Pranzo Dalla Marchesa Durfé, The Great Mouna, Canto Della Buranella, L'uccello Magico a Parigi, L'intermezzo Della 'Mantide Religiosa', Pin Penin, L'uccello Magico a Dresda, Ricordo Di Henriette, L'uccello Magico a Roma, Il Duca Di Wurttemberg, La Poupée Automate, La Poupée Automate #2, L'uccello Magico a Parigi #2, Canto Della Buranella (Versione Strumentale), L'uccello Magico #2, L'intermezzo Della Mantide Religiosa #2, Il Duca Di Wurttemberg (Versione Strumentale), L'uccello Magico a Dresda #2, L'intermezzo Della Mantide Religosa (Versione Violoncello), The Great Mouna #2, O Venezia Venaga Venusia #2, L'uccello Magico #3, La Poupée Automate #3, Il Duca Di Wurttemberg (Versione Strumentale - Finale Alternativo), O Venezia Venaga Venusia #3