Legend Of 1900 (Original Soundtrack)by Ennio Morricone (Vinyl Record)

Ennio Morricone: Legend Of 1900 (Original Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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Ennio Morricone composed and arranged scores for more than 500 film and television productions, making him one of the most influential and best-selling film composers since the late Fifties. Throughout his career, Morricone received an unprecedented amount of awards, including Grammys, Golden Globes and BAFTAs. Ennio Morricone has influenced many artists including Danger Mouse, Dire Straits, Muse, Metallica, Radiohead, Hans Zimmer, and many more.The Legend of 1900 (Italian: La Leggenda Del Pianista Sull'oceano) is a 1998 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and starring Tim Roth, Pruitt Taylor Vince, and Melanie Thierry. The film is inspired by Novecento, a monologue by Alessandro Baricco. The Legend Of 1900 was nominated for a variety of international awards, winning several for it's soundtrack, including a Golden Globe for Best Original Score - Motion Picture. This release includes the song 'Lost Boys Calling' featuring Roger Waters & Eddie van Halen.The Legend of 1900 is available on black vinyl and contains an insert. 1. 1900's Theme, 2. the Legend of the Pianist, 3. the Crisis, 4. the Crave, 5. a Goodbye to Friends, 6. Study for Three Hands, 7. Playing Love, 8. a Mozart Reincarnated, 9. Child, 10. 1900's Madness #1, 1. Danny's Blues, 2. Second Crisis, 3. Peacherine Rag, 4. Nocturne with No Moon, 5. Before the End, 6. Playing Love, 7. I Can and Then, 8. 1900's Madness #2, 9. Silent Goodbye, 10. Ships and Snow, 11. Lost Boys Calling (Feat Roger Waters ; Eddie Van Halen)