Fkj: French Kiwi Juice (Vinyl LP)

Fkj: French Kiwi Juice (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Multi-instrumentalist with rare elegance, FKJ unveils it's first album French Kiwi Juice, and invites us in his world. Tribute to his idols, affirmation of musical maturity, FKJ goes from Jazz to Soul, with his electronic touch that makes his paw incomparable. A warm, reassuring and sensual universe. His children's questions (Why are there boundaries), his joys (Blessed & Joy), his journeys (Go Back Home & Canggu), the Franco-New Zealander delivers himself in an intimate and profound album, with music as an universal language. We Ain't Feeling Time, Skyline, Better Give Up, Go Back Home, Vibin' Out, Canggu, Blessed, Die with a Smile, Lying Together (Interlude), Lying Together, Joy, Why Are There Boundaries