My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasyby Kanye West (Vinyl Record)

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Vinyl LP)

Def Jam

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Limited edition triple vinyl LP. The words Kanye and vinyl don't sound like they go together in the same sentence, but this triple vinyl LP pressing will prove you wrong. The 14-time Grammy-winner mixes some raw, rattling tones with brass, woodwinds and string instruments, and the 70-minute set he produces here taps into anger and naked emotion. The album famously came together with the help of 42 people, some of whom are Nikki Minaj, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on the single Monster, and Pusha T on Runaway, a single that received the Best New Music stamp from Pitchfork. Collectors, excite: The record comes in a die-cut double gatefold sleeve, with 5 inserts and a 24 x 24 poster of George Condo artwork. Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous, Power, All of the Lights (Interlude), All of the Lights, Monster, So Appalled, Devil in a New Dress, Runaway, Hell of a Life, Blame Game, Lost in the World, Who Will Survive in America