Third Eye Blind: Third Eye Blind (Vinyl LP)

Third Eye Blind: Third Eye Blind (Vinyl LP)

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Limited double 180 gram vinyl LP pressing. THIRD EYE BLIND was the eponymous debut for the American alternative rock band Third Eye Blind, originally released in 1997. It spawned several singles, including top 10 charting Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, and How's It Going to Be. While Third Eye Blind peaked at #25 on the Billboard 200, it spent 104 weeks on the charts. It is the group's bestselling album, having been certified 6 X Platinum. THIRD EYE BLIND is catchier than the average post-grunge album, and that fact alone reveals a lot about the band. Instead of relying on standard, plodding grunge influences, Third Eye Blind draw heavily from the simple hook-laden traditions of classic Arena Rock, which makes the album more immediate. THIRD EYE BLIND is easy on the ears, and it's straight-ahead professionalism makes it a pleasurable listen for post-grunge. Losing a Whole Year, Narcolepsy, Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, Graduate, How's It Going to Be, Thanks a Lot, Burning Man, Good for You, London, I Want You, The Background, Motorcycle Drive By, God of Wine