The Ruby Seaby Thin White Rope (Vinyl Record)

Thin White Rope: The Ruby Sea (Vinyl LP)

Frontier Records

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In 1991 Thin White Rope set about to record their critically acclaimed album The Ruby Sea, which would subsequently be released on Frontier Records. Hailing from Davis, California, the band were able to hone their unique blend, of punk, country and rock into a deeply satisfying record that at times has a ferocious intensity, punctuated by a stark and lonely widescreen sentimentality. The album feels like the equivalent of driving all day, looking for accommodations in a tiny two-horse town and then hitting the local roadhouse for a cold beer. With a Miller in hand, you and the three other patrons witness a band play a show so devastating that you feel as if you've stumbled upon America's best kept secret. I've spent the last quarter century evangelizing to friends about how they need to own a copy of The Ruby Sea. I'm gearing up for the next 25.Jonathan Levitt, BLURT The Ruby Sea, Tina and Glen, Puppet Dog, Bartender’s Rag, Midwest Flower, Dinosaur, The Lady Vanishes, Up to Midnight, Hunter’s Moon, Christmas Skies, The Fish Song, The Clown Song