Three Man Cannon: Will I Know You Then (Vinyl LP)

Three Man Cannon: Will I Know You Then (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Will I Know You Then showcases the evolved sound of Three Man Cannon, a sound that's been in the making for the better part of a decade. Playing together since high school in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Three Man Cannon have gone from the folk-infused punk rock of their 2010 debut The Sound. The Fury. To the Sparklehorse-meets-Neil Young indie rock of this 2015 Lame-O Records release. Three Man Cannon formed in the young, tight knit DIY community of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Growing up amongst incredible artists ranging from The Menzingers to Kite Party to Captain We're Sinking to Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon shared the stage with these acts in more ways than one (drummer Pat Brier and bassist Dennis Mishko were founding members of Tigers Jaw, playing with them until their public split in 2013). Three Man Cannon continue to experiment and grow into their remarkably unique version of indie rock. Honest, Coma'd, Gold or Silver, Pushing People, Mood, Now Nothing