Witchrider: Unmountable Stairs (Vinyl LP)

Witchrider: Unmountable Stairs (Vinyl LP)


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When listening to Witchrider, you can not help but be drawn in by their magnetism. They have a haunting beauty that proves to engulf and ignite. As frontman Daniel Dorninger says, the thing about making music is, there are no boundaries. It's like a spirit of emotions that eventually passes through your body... you never know what you're gonna' end up with. Formed in 2012 and hailing from Graz, Austria, Portsmouth, Witchrider sport a mutual love for the quirky riffage of heavyweights QOTSA and Eagles Of Death Metal, as well as an affection for the dark elements of Soundgarden. Siphoning fuel from these powerhouses, Witchrider offer a genuinely refreshing take on their own brand of stripped down, fuzzed up alternative rock. OCD, One For Five, Black, I'm Outta Breath, Far From You, SP, The Cabin, The Fog, Unmountable Stairs, Witch-Hunt, Styx, Hush