Beyond The Iron Wallsby Sacred Few (Vinyl Record)

Sacred Few: Beyond The Iron Walls (Vinyl LP)

Shadow Kingdom

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Limited edition double vinyl LP pressing. Shadow Kingdom Records would like to introduce Sacred Few! The first time this band is heard, you're immediately thinking this sounds like it's an unearthed piece of metal dinosaur history from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, but it's not. This is one of the rare and early heavy metal bands from the U.S. that didn't play thrash metal. It's because they put out a single in early '83 before their ears heard Metallica and Slayer rise up with a new genre of music. This was such a unique time period for early heavy metal in the U.S. and there are rarely any bands that sounded as if they came from the N.W.O.B.H.M. So you can imagine that early hard rock feel is drenched throughout their first single, then later polished on their debut Beyond the Iron Walls. This album is a landmark in American heavy metal history not only for it's early nature sound, but also because there were not too many female fronted bands. It would have been nice if the band stayed together for another release before they broke up, but Shadow Kingdom has been fortunate enough to uncover some unreleased material. This package will include everything in their short-lived career. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to the early heavy metal sound. There's so many bands today trying to replicate this sound, but this is authentic and classic stuff. Wildlife, Last Chance, Are You Out There?, Dream with Me, Coming to Your Town, Running from Luck, Sea of Thought, Children of the Night, Screamin' Guitars, Beyond the Iron Walls, Gotta Believe, Of Life, Better Look Back, Stand Up and Fight, Sacred Few, Low Rider