Death Ss: In Death Of Steve Sylvester (Vinyl LP)

Shadow Kingdom

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Vinyl LP pressing. Shadow Kingdom Records reissues Death SS's legendary debut album,... In Death Of Steve Sylvester. One of the most cult names in international heavy metal, Italy's Death SS have influenced numerous acts over the past three decades in their long, twisted history, equally impacting the nascent speed metal and black metal scenes with their trademark ghoulish and theatrical presentation. Originally released in 1988,... In Death of Steve Sylvester was quite unlike anything else around at the time. Death SS's foundation in '70s Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper was firm, but the way it emerged on their debut album put it into a league of it's own. Intense and energetic and yet emitting an atmosphere fully suited to a horror movie,... In Death of Steve Sylvester had one foot planted in the contemporary speed metal scene and another foot planted in a world seemingly beyond mortal comprehension. It was wild and weird and yet wholly heavy metal, and a stout reminder that unique inspiration breeds unique art. To cap their separation from modernity, the band cover their beloved Alice Cooper's I Love The Dead here. Vampire, Death, Black Mummy, Zombie, Werewolf, Terror, I Love the Dead, The Hanged Ballad, Murder Angels, Come to the Sabbat, In Ancient Days