Songs Of Our Timesby Paul Messis (Vinyl Record)

Paul Messis: Songs Of Our Times (Vinyl LP)

13 O'Clock

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Since the release of his first single back in 2009, Paul Messis has been a whirlwind of musical activity. Along with his own work as a songwriter, he is still an active member of the Higher State and the Suburban Homes, and also runs the small, well-crafted indie record label Market Square Records. Now he's back full circle with his third full-length album! A dozen songs rooted firmly in his solid bedrock of sound, meshing jangly '60s-style garage-punk with folk-rock/folk-punk moves. This isn't a cookie cutter retro trip here. As the title of the album implies, his songs are very personal, introspective, and reflective on the present times we all live in, not only the perennial problems and struggles, but the new ones as well. Presented on 150gm vinyl with a lyrics' printed inner sleeve and a download code included, Songs of Our Times has arrived now! Yesterday's Confusion, Sign of the Times, Societies Games, The Last Reflections of Fall, Back Against the Wall, Apathy's Callin', Games People Play, The Ballad of a Strange Cat, Mainstream Lifestyle Blues, Stuck in the Past, Mistress of Death, Don't Follow the Man