Scobey, Bob: Scobey Story 1 (Vinyl LP)

Scobey, Bob: Scobey Story 1 (Vinyl LP)


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This LP gives listeners a good example of the playing of trumpeter Bob Scobey. Taken from his earliest period as a bandleader, these Dixieland performances also feature trombonist Jack Buck; either Darnell Howard, Albert Nicholas, or George Probert on clarinet; pianists Burt Bales or Wally Rose; and banjoist Clancy Hayes, who also takes a few vocals. Excellent good-time music. - All Music Guide. Pretty Baby - Bob Scobey Kahn Gus, St. Louis Blues - Bob Scobey Handy W.C, Coney Island Washboard - Bob Scobey Durand H, Some of These Days - Bob Scobey Brooks Shelton, Beale Street Mama - Bob Scobey Turk Roy, Dippermouth Blues - Bob Scobey King Oliver, South - Bob Scobey Moten Bennie, Sailing Down Chesapeake Bay - Bob Scobey Havez ?, Wolverine Blues - Bob Scobey Morton Jelly Roll, Chicago - Bob Scobey Fisher Fred, Melancholy - Bob Scobey Bloom Marty, That's A-Plenty - Bob Scobey Gilbert Ray