Price, Steven: Our Planet (Original Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

Price, Steven: Our Planet (Original Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)


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Double vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the Netflix series Our Planet showcases the beauty and fragility of our natural world. From the creator of Planet Earth, the eight-part Netflix original documentary series has been made in collaboration with Silverback Films, whose director Alastair Fothergill was the creator of the critically-acclaimed original Planet Earth and Blue Planet series. Our Planet is narrated by the inimitable Sir David Attenborough and looks at the amazing wonders that remain in the natural world, and the impact of environmental issues including deforestation and the devastating effects of climate change. The series also reveals inspirational stories about nature s powerful capacity to recover. Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price has developed a richly thematic score across the eight films that provides a unified soundtrack to the series, performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London. Known for speaking up on behalf of the planet and it's species, Grammy-nominated singer Ellie Goulding was first to be approached by Price to develop the original track, In This Together.