Boogie with John Lee Hookerby John Lee Hooker (Vinyl Record)

John Lee Hooker: Boogie with John Lee Hooker (Vinyl LP)


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Limited vinyl LP-only release for this compilation of Hooker's 'boogies'. This is the ultimate 'Boogie' LP with the king of the boogies, John Lee Hooker, stomping his way through 14 classics in style. Sleeve note by Fenstein drawn from a never-before published interview with Hooker in 1960. Many tracks are new to the LP format and this is the first vinyl LP release on the original Modern label for many years. Hoogie Boogie, Boogie Chillen #2, House Rent Boogie (Alt), Rock House Boogie, Gotta Boogie, Alberta Part 2, Hastings Street Boogie, Jump Me (One More Time), 21 Boogie, Huckle Up Baby, Momma Poppa Boogie, Boogie Chillen, Shake Holler and Run, Too Much Boogie