She: Wants a Piece of You (Vinyl LP)

She: Wants a Piece of You (Vinyl LP)

Big Beat

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Limited 180 gm vinyl LP pressing. While the all-female ‘60s garage band is now a fully-populated and celebrated genre, there has yet to come to light a more compelling and visceral example than She. They genuinely played their own instruments, and wrote and sang striking original material and copped one hell of a bad attitude that would put most self-proclaimed rebel boy bands to shame. Appealingly crude in their early incarnation as the Hairem, by their later years She was truly a force to be reckoned with, and are as unusual and significant as any punk band, male or female, from the golden era of the mid to late 1960s. Big Beat's 1999 CD collection She Wants A Piece Of You debuted these remarkable young women from Sacramento, California and it has since become a firm favorite amongst girl garage cognoscenti. Now we offer a distilled album version for those lovers of the vinyl format, which offers a power-packed program sure to make you fall in love with She all over again. Outta Reach, Like a Snake, Piece of You, Hey You, Don't Leave Me Baby, Feel Like Giving Up, Not for Me, Roll on, Don't Go Home Tonight, Bad Girl, Come on Along, Braids of Hair, Bus Stop, Lonely Boy of Laughter