Darondo: Listen to My Song: Music City Sessions (Vinyl LP)

Darondo: Listen to My Song: Music City Sessions (Vinyl LP)


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Back in 1970s Oakland, California, streetwise hipster William Darondo Pulliam was a funky singer/songwriter who could also swing the sweetest soul west of Al Green. His handful of idiosyncratic 45 releases are crowned by the heartbreaking sound of his 1973 local hit 'Didn't I', on the collectable Music City label. Listen To My Song - The Music City Sessions collects an unprecedented goldmine of grooves, and shows off Darondo in his streetwise prime. Together with his musical collaborator Al Tanner, Darondo was an excellent songwriter with a unique style and the contents of this outstanding anthology, recorded between 1972 and 1974, are bound to please collectors and general funk and soul fans alike. I Don't Understand It, I'm Gonna Love You, Didn't I, Luscious Lady, Saving My Love, Gimme Some, Get Up Off Your Butt, I'm Lonely, Do You Really Love Me, Listen to My Song