Hammond, Johnny: Gears (Vinyl LP)

Hammond, Johnny: Gears (Vinyl LP)


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Limited double vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered and expanded edition. Celebrating 40 years since its first release, Johnny Hammond's Gears is given the deluxe treatment with the addition of six previously unreleased tracks and a brand new transfer from the original masters. Recognized as one of the finest jazz funk albums of all time, Gears was produced by the Mizell brothers and stands alongside their work with Donald Byrd at the pinnacle of their careers. Tracks such as 'Shifting Gears' and 'Los Conquistadores Chocolates' have been club classics almost since the album was released. Hip hop and house producers have regularly used it as a source for samples. The bonus cuts shine a light on the Mizell's production process and show the strength of the material from which the released masters were culled. Tell Me What to Do, Los Conquistadores Chocolatés, Lost on 23rd Street, Fantasy, Shifting Gears, Can't We Smile?, A Child's Love (Fast)), A Child's Love (Slow), Song for My Family, Detroit Rainbow, Funky Native, Can't We Smile? (Alt)