Ikettes: Fine, Fine, Fine (Vinyl LP)

Ikettes: Fine, Fine, Fine (Vinyl LP)

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Here is music from 1963-66 from the 4 piece vocal group The Ikettes, featuring Venetta Fields, Dee Dee Johnson and Robbie Montgomery. (He's Gonna Be) Fine Fine Fine, Can't Sit Down 'Cos I Feel So Good, Don't Feel Sorry for Me, Through with You, I'm So Thankful, Cheater, Camel Walk, You're Trying to Make Me Lose My Mind, Sally Go Round the Roses, Blue on Blue, Peaches 'N' Cream, I'm Leaving You, Never More Will I Be Lonely for You, You're Still My Baby, Give Me a Chance, The Biggest Players, Not That I Recall, Living for You, How Come, Your Love Is Mine, Nobody Loves Me, It's Been So Long, The Love of My Man [Live], I Love the Way You Love [Live]