Super Funk / Various: Super Funk / Various (Vinyl LP)

Super Funk / Various: Super Funk / Various (Vinyl LP)

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(2-LP set) with 19 cuts contains rare funk from deep in the crates, featuring songs by Ann Alford, Counts, Houston Outlaws, Pazant Brothers, Motivations, Chuck Bridges, Larry & Tommy, Huck Daniels, Abraham & the Casanovas, Buena Vistas, Dave Hamilton, Little Ann, Robert Lowe & others. (Previously deleted:8/1/06 Original release date:7/13/01) Gotta Get Me a Job, Here Comes the Judge, Soul Power, The Devil Made Me Do It, Skunk Juice, Love You Wholeheartedly, I Love You, Keep Your Faith Baby, Day of Rest, Get Up Off My Mind, Foolish Man, Hook and Boogit Pt. 1, Hook and Boogit Pt. 2, Kick Back, Groove, Motor City, Freedom and Justice, Back to Funk, Soul Funk, I Got to Have You