Super Funk 2 / Various: Super Funk 2 / Various (Vinyl LP)

Super Funk 2 / Various: Super Funk 2 / Various (Vinyl LP)

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(2-LP set) 20 track collection features music from Johnny Otis, Preston Epps, Irene Reid, Billy Garner, Granby Street Development, Pee Wee Crayton, Schiller Street Gang, Thelma Jones, Jackie Harris, Freddy Wilson and others. (Previously deleted:11/1/05. Original release date:8/23/02) Brand New Girl - Billy Garner, Jelly Roll, Do It Do It - the Exciters, Put It Where You Want It - Pee Wee Crayton, What You See Is What You Get - Brenda George, House That Jack Built - Thelma Jones, Soul Strokes - Sidney Pinchback, Jaws - Johnny Otis, Promised Land, You're Wasting My Time Pt. 1 - Billy Garner, Monkey in a Sack - the Top Cats, Pass It on, Put Your Legs Up High - Robert Lowe Robert Lowe, I Need Money - Ruth Davis, Ignant - Harold Battiste Cornell Dupree, Comin' at Ya Baby - the Johnny Otis Show, Warm the Pot ('Til It's Good and Hot), Mr Big H - Joe Houston, Funky Bongo - Preston Epps, Dirty Old Man - Irene Reid