Sweet Taste of Sin / Var: Sweet Taste of Sin / Various (Vinyl LP)

Sweet Taste of Sin / Var: Sweet Taste of Sin / Various (Vinyl LP)

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(2-LP set) As hip hop moves on in it's ever increasing desire to raid the history of black music, so new areas have found themselves increasingly coming into focus, like the sweet sound of big stringed lovers' soul from the 1970s found on this 16 track compilation, featuring plenty of bass, drums & beautiful voices. Includes songs from Isaac Hayes & Millie Jackson, Johnny Guitar Watson, Caesar Frazier, Fatback, Dennis Coffey, Phillip Mitchell, Betty Everett, Three Pieces, Fantastic 4, Detroit Emeralds, Shirley Brown & others. Sweet Taste of Sin - Dennis Coffey, I'll See You in Hell First - Phillip Mitchell, Keep It Up - Betty Everett, Backed Up Against the Wall, Don't Risk Your Happiness on Foolishness - the Fantastic Four, Set It Out - the Detroit Emeralds, Baby Get Down - Eddie McLoyd, Killing Time - Natural Essence, Love Starved - Shirley Brown, Sweet Music Soft Lights and You - Isaac Hayes Millie Jackson, Your Love Is My Desire - Eramus Hall, It Hurts So Good - Millie Jackson, I'm Gonna Have to Tell Her - Isaac Hayes, If I Had the Power - Johnny Guitar Watson, I Got Yo Have Your Love, Do It to Me Now - Fatback