Watts Funkyby Johnny Otis & Friends (Vinyl Record)

Johnny Otis & Friends: Watts Funky (Vinyl LP)

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(2-LP set) 20 track compilation features rare titles created by R&B band leader Johnny Otis & his very funky friends. Made during Otis' most creative years in the late 1960s, these cuts appeared on Kent, Epic & Johnny's own Hawk Sound & Jazz World labels. Ignored or simply unknown for all these years, these tracks are now highly sought after by today's hottest DJs. Features Shuggie Otis, Preston Love, Barbara Morrison, Debbie Lyndsey, Vera Hamilton, Vibrettes, Slim, Delmar & Carla, Doug Wintz & Willie Jitterbug Webb. (Previously deleted:2/1/03. Original release date:12/7/01) Spells and Incantations - Lyndsey Debbie, But I Ain't No More (GSTSKDTS) - Hamilton Vera, Country Girl - Otis Johnny Show, Watts Breakaway - Otis Johnny Show, Miss Pretty - Otis Shuggie, Humpty Dump - Vibrettes, I Don't Understand It - Slim, Funky Disco Boogie - Delmar ; Carla, Good to the Last Drop - Otis Johnny, Don't It Make You Feel Good - Otis Johnny Show, Strawberry Letter 23 - Otis Shuggie, Cool Ade - Love Preston, Coming at Ya Baby - Otis Johnny, Signifying Monkey - Otis Johnny Show, Whelp - Wintz Doug, Jaws - Otis Johnny, Skunk Booty - Otis Johnny Show, Hey Boy I Want You - Otis Johnny Show ; Barbara Morrison, You Got to Do It Right - Webb Willie 'Jitterbug', If You'd Be Mine - Otis Shuggie