Revell, Graeme: The Crow (Original Motion Picture Score) (Vinyl LP)

Revell, Graeme: The Crow (Original Motion Picture Score) (Vinyl LP)

Varese Sarabande

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Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack score to the 1994 motion picture composed by Graeme Revelle. Brandon Lee's portrayal of The Crow is one of the enduring film characters of the 1990's, and a fixture on t-shirts and collectibles. This is the first time any Crow album has been released on vinyl. The outer cover features a new comic book artist rendering of The Crow from a pivotal scene in the film. The original CD cover is represented on side 1 of the full color inner sleeve. The release lands on the same date of the film's seminal event of Devil's Night. Oct 30th! Birth of the Legend, Resurrection, The Crow Descends, Remembrance, Rain Forever, Her Eyes... So Innocent, Tracking the Prey, Pain and Retribution, Believe in Angels, Captive Child, Devil's Night, On Hallowed Ground 2, Inferno 5, Return to the Grave, Last Rites