Frazetta / Various: Frazetta (Vinyl LP)

Frazetta / Various: Frazetta (Vinyl LP)

Metal Blade

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Frank Frazetta - Various Artists on Limited Edition Picture Disc LP - Since the age of 16, Frank Frazetta drew for comic books that varied in themes: westerns, fantasies, mysteries, and histories. During the '60s, he then went on to produce paintings for paperback editions of adventure books, such as the cover for the sword-and-sorcery collection Conan the Adventurer by Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp (Lancer 1966), which saw the artist rise to fame. - With his work in high demand, Frazetta chose projects that were more commercial in nature, providing paintings and illustrations for everything from movie posters to book jackets to calendars. Admired by many Hollywood personalities, he was even commissioned for some film work by Clint Eastwood and George Lucas, among others. - Most recently, his artwork has been used for several album covers: Molly Hatchet‘s first two records feature The Death Dealer and Dark Kingdom respectively; Nazareth used The Brain for 1977's Expect No Mercy; and Wolfmother put The Sea Witch on their self-titled debut. - Limited edition picture disc pressing featuring exclusive licensed artwork from the acclaimed artist. A must have addition for all Frazetta art collectors, the Metal Blade release features music from Armored Saint, Lizzy Borden, Bitch, Cirith Ungol, Nasty Savage, Brimstone Coven, Mirror, Below, Ram and Twitching Tongues. Dropping Like Flies (Armored Saint), Give 'Em the Axe (Lizzy Borden), Live for the Whip (Bitch), Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol), Stabbed in the Back (Nasty Savage), Slow Death (Brimstone Coven), Heavy King (Mirror), Ghost of a Shepherd (Below), Eyes of the Night (Ram), Sacrifice Me (Twitching Tongues)