King Diamond: The Eye (Vinyl LP)

King Diamond: The Eye (Vinyl LP)

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Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. The Eye is a concept album by King Diamond released in 1990. It continues to feature a major storyline such as other King Diamond albums, though it is told differently. His two prior concept albums had been told from the perspective of the protagonists; this one is told from the view of a narrator. The themes of Christian atrocity with the persecution of alleged witches and sexual abuse against nuns are present. The story starts off with an unnamed character finding a necklace called The Eye, that allows him/her to see the events the necklace was witness for in the past. Eye of the Witch, The Trial (Chambre Ardente), Burn, Two Little Girls, Into the Convent, Father Picard, Behind These Walls, The Mettings, Insanity, 1642 Imprisonment, The Curse