Blair Crimmins and the Hookers: Sing-A-Longs (Vinyl LP)

Blair Crimmins and the Hookers: Sing-A-Longs (Vinyl LP)

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The humorously tongue-in-cheek Sing-a-Longs is Blair Crimmins' sarcastic yet charming sophomore release, an upbeat companion to his more sultry previous works that still keeps a sinister smile behind the colorful facade. Blair Crimmins and his band The Hookers breathe new life into the sounds of the 1920's with a supercharged mix of Ragtime, Dixieland, and Gypsy Jazz. This batch of original songs speaks to the listeners of today while harkening back to the sounds of the past to create a sound track that could just as easily be found in your grandfathers record collection as a college dorm room. Roll Over Bessie, Run That Rabbit Down, Little Red Train, The Krog Street Strut, Swannanoa, It S All Over Now, Don't Have to Rain, Lock That Door, I Love You That S All, Krog Street Revisited, State Hotel