Goodbye Mineby Lost & Profound (Vinyl Record)

Lost & Profound: Goodbye Mine (Vinyl LP)


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Lost & Profound are the Canadian duo, also husband and wife team of writer/producer Terry Tompkins and singer/composer Lisa Boudreau. Goodbye Mine -their 5th album and first in over a decade, was recorded at Toronto's Revolution Studios and was engineered by Dean Nelson, best known for his work with Beck, and mixed by Grammy award winning engineer, Oz Fritz whose resume includes The Ramones, Tom Waits, Bob Marley and John Cale. Tompkins is a well-known composer producer and founder of award winning sound design company The Eggplant Collective. Goodbye Mine, blends sounds from different musical genres such as folk, rock and sunshine pop. Boudreau's vocals are reminiscent of Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval and PJ Harvey. Their debut self-titled album featured a Top 10 Canadian radio single Brand New Set of Lies and landed them a Juno nomination. Superhuman, Until It Broke, Goodbye Mine, Love's Hard Landing, Iodine, Jewel, Bad Sister, Alcohol, Rover, Spectre