Galactic Parables: Volume 1by Rob Mazurek (Vinyl Record)

Rob Mazurek: Galactic Parables: Volume 1 (Vinyl LP)


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Composer, cornetist, electronic & acoustic sound specialist and musical director Rob Mazurek leads his largest regular ensemble, the Exploding Star Orchestra through one of his most ambitious recordings. While Galactic Parables: Volume 1 is a self-contained cosmos, marked by colliding melodic lines and startlingly beautiful passages, as the title indicates, it's part of a larger work. Ever since Exploding Star Orchestra's debut recording, Mazurek has been gradually building an epic science fiction opera inspired by the writings of Samuel R. Delany and Stanislaw Lem. With Galactic Parables his vast speculative realm is coming more clearly into focus with an apocalyptic vision of alternate universes, machine reproduction run amuck, and the colonization of distant planets. Galactic Parables is the first record where we're getting close to hitting on the libretto for this future opera, says Mazurek, who by both inclination and geography is linked to a constellation of Chicago avant-garde pioneers. Ultimately what makes the record so enthralling on both the flight into the cosmos and the return journey is that the Exploding Star Orchestra brings together a creatively charged cast of improvisers: Recorded live at the Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2013 Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz on August 28, 2013 and Recorded live at the Chicago Cultural Center on October 18, 2013 by Ken Christianson, assisted by Deundeun Cho. Free Agents of Sound [Sardegna Italy] 20:10, Make Way to the City / the Arc of Slavery #72 [Sardegna Italy] 19:22, The Arc of Slavery #72 (Part 2) [Sardegna Italy] 06:45, Helmets of Our Poisonous Thoughts #16 / Awaken the World [Sardegna Italy] 06:54, Collections of Time [Sardegna Italy] 10:05, Free Agents of Sound [Chicago Illinois] 11:26, Collections of Time [Chicago Illinois] 07:27, Make Way to the City [Chicago Illinois] 21:45, The Arc of Slavery #72 [Chicago Illinois] 05:54, Helmets of Our Poisonous Thoughts #16 [Chicago Illinois] 06:22, Awaken the World #41 [Chicago Illinois] 05:35