Four Cornered Nightby Jets to Brazil (Vinyl Record)

Jets to Brazil: Four Cornered Night (Vinyl LP)


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Limited edition double 180gm LP pressing. Along with adding former Van Pelt guitarist Brian Maryansky to the fold, Jets to Brazil (featuring Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach, Handsome vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Chatelain and Texas Is the Reason drummer Chris Daly) added dimension, savoir faire, and one hell of a grand piano to forge ahead with a breathtaking new direction on their jaw dropping 2000 album Four Cornered Night - encapsulating classic American rock 'n' roll with a nod to the Mods underneath a matchless lyrical gift. Jets to Brazil vinyl has been out of print since their original pressings and is in high demand. The good news is the band's three classic LPs - Orange Rhyming Dictionary (1998), Four Cornered Night (2000) and Perfecting Loneliness (2002) - are finally being reissued. You're Having the Time of My Life, One Summer Last Fall, Air Traffic Control, Pale New Dawn, In The Summer's When You Really Know, Empty Picture Frame, Little Light, Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back from the Lab and We Think We Know What Your Problem Is, Milk and Apples, Mid-Day Anonymous, *******, Orange Rhyming Dictionary, All Things Good and Nice