Lytle, Jason: Yours Truly: The Computer (Vinyl LP)

Lytle, Jason: Yours Truly: The Computer (Vinyl LP)


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After fifteen years at the helm of Grandaddy, Lytle returns with a new collection of songs that elaborates on the musical and lyrical ideas he explored in that band. The title says it all - these are songs about the treks we all make, geographically and emotionally, and the tolls those travels take. Musically, the dreamy sound-scapes mirror the dramatic environment of Lytle's newly adopted Montana, while the twang of central California farmland remains in the inflection and phrasings of the Modesto native's unmistakable voice. Electronic flourishes collide with acoustic guitars and soulful piano parts, recreating Lytle's signature electro-lo-fi atmospheres. Yours Truly the Commuter, Brand New Sun, Ghost of My Old Dog, I Am Lost (And the Moment Cannot Last), Birds Encouraged Him, It's the Weekend, Fã¼Rget It, This Song Is the Mute Button, Rollin' Home Alone, You're Too Gone, Flying Thru Canyons, Here for Good