Alkaline Trio: My Shame Is True (Vinyl LP)

Alkaline Trio: My Shame Is True (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release from the Punk-Pop band. It's been over a decade since Alkaline Trio released their first full-length album, Goddamnit. In that time, they've toured the world, sold over a million records and expanded their sound beyond their original straight-ahead punk style, incorporating more melody and production. With My Shame Is True, their eighth studio album, Alkaline Trio have honed their songwriting craft to a new high, coming with their strongest set of songs to date. She Lied to the Fbi, I Wanna Be a Warhol, I'm Only Here to Disappoint, Kiss You to Death, The Temptation of St. Anthony, I Pessimist, Only Love, The Torture Doctor, Midnight Blue, One Last Dance, Young Lovers, Until Death Do Us Part