Architects Uk: Lost Forever / Lost Together (Vinyl LP)

Architects Uk: Lost Forever / Lost Together (Vinyl LP)


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The sixth studio album from Brighton, England-based Metalcore outfit Architects UK, Lost Forever, Lost Together, is the most eclectic and ambitious yet tightly controlled album so far in the band's ten-year career. Making their Epitaph Records debut, Architects (They are only know as the Architects UK in the US) deepen their blend of brutal, thundering metal and melody-spiked hardcore with heavier riffs and intricate arrangements inspired by artists as unlikely as Sigur Ros. Gravedigger, Naysayer, Broken Cross, The Devil Is Near, Dead Man Talking, Red Hypergiant, C.A.N.C.E.R, Colony Collapse, Castles In The Air, Youth Is Wasted On The Young, The Distant Blue