Old Dreamby Paul Bergmann (Vinyl Record)

Paul Bergmann: Old Dream (7-Inch Single)

Fairfax Recordings

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Paul Bergmann has been named TimeOut Los Angeles' #2 artist to watch in 2015. Essential Los Angeles music vnue The Echo says, 'Paul Bergmann has mastered a folk music that is both haunting and brooding; his rich vocals are reminiscent of a young Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison. Fittingly, his two new singles (Old Dream and Summer's End) were recorded in Fairfax's Studio A, - the very same room where Neil Young himself tracked After the Gold Rush when the studio was known as Sound City. Produced by Kevin Augunas and Nick Waterhouse and featuring the legendary Jimmie Haskell on strings, the tracks are set to release in early 2015 with a full LP on the way. Old Dream, Summer’s End