Magic Mirror: Lady and the Tramp (Story, Songs and Book)by Soundtrack (Vinyl Record)

Soundtrack: Magic Mirror: Lady and the Tramp (Story, Songs and Book) (Vinyl LP)

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This Magic Mirror edition is only available at and Disney theme parks. Limited Edition. 120-gram / Gatefold sleeve with 10-page 12” x 12” illustrated booklet. In June of 1955, Walt Disney presented the first feature-length cartoon in Cinema-scope, Lady and the Tramp. This is the delightful story of the girl dog with a pedigree who meets a young boy dog from the other side of the tracks. Such a combination can only result in much adventure and excitement. This was the case with Lady and the Tramp. At one point in the story, Lady even finds herself in the dog pound with some of the most unlikely dogs she has ever met. This is but one incident in a warm and wonderful motion picture where cartoon dogs seem very human indeed. Walt Disney, as usual, realized the importance of good songs in his film and chose the very talented Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke to write the material. The results were, as expected, varied, excellent, and all of Hit Parade caliber. They include the torchy ballad, He's a Tramp; the haunting lullaby, La-La-Lu; the Christmas tune, Peace on Earth; a novelty number, The Siamese Cat Song; and a sprightly love song, Bella Notte. Lady (O. Wallace), What Is a Baby (P. Lee S. Burke), La la Lu (P. Lee S. Burke), The Siamese Cat Song (P. Lee S. Burke), Bella Notte (P. Lee S. Burke), Home Sweet Home (H. Bishop O. Wallace), He's a Tramp (P. Lee S. Burke)