Alika Lyman Group: Leis of Jazz Vol 2 (Vinyl LP)

Alika Lyman Group: Leis of Jazz Vol 2 (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. From Hawaii, The Alika Lyman Group delivers a heartfelt tribute to Alika's Great Uncle, Arthur Lyman. This album spans the gamut of vintage combo jazz and classic exotica, featuring original compositions and Hawaiian standards with instrumentation featuring vibes, stand-up bass, percussion and guitar! For the collectors - we have strived to make the album jacket of Leis of Jazz Volume 2 as close to the original Arthur Lyman album Leis of Jazz as possible including an exact repro of the Hi-Fi Records Stereophonic Hi-Fi sticker. Swingtime in Honolulu, Poinciana, Night Orchid, Kauai Rose, Kaimana Hila, Hukilau, Lei Kukui, Arthur's Line, Theme from Bewitched, Guiding Stars, Bobo, Hilo Hattie Blues, Pua Lilia