Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regionsby Creepxotica (Vinyl Record)

Creepxotica: Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regions (Vinyl LP)

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing including insert and digital download. This record is certainly not your grandparent's exotica! Creepxotica is the premier haunted bossa nova and exotica band from San Diego, California. Whether you see them poolside or over drinks at the Bali Hai, you will be mesmerized by their intoxicating sound. Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regions is their second full-length LP, featuring longer tracks, and finds the band delving even further into exotic and haunted musical territories inspired by their massive consumption of sultry and strange sounds from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe as well as Spaghetti Western, surf, exotica, and psychedelia. The group's rabid home-town following of both Creepxotica and their San Diego mother-ship, The Creepy Creeps, has garnered them top draw at San Diego clubs and events. The record itself was cut at HRS, Culver City on a vintage Scully lathe with a Westrex 3D Stereo Cutter, and a custom built tube-pre amp Pungee Stick, Shanghide, Surf Fink, Turkish Delight, Meat Ships, Luau at Loi's, Repto, Rekrul Reef