Soul Glo: Untitled (Vinyl LP)

Soul Glo: Untitled (Vinyl LP)


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Soul Glo's Untitled record is a product of frustration and devotion. In 20 songs, they search for the heaviest and most abrasive sounds possible to pair with their outright confrontational lyrics. A product of their Philadelphian DIY environment, Soul Glo plays a combination of hardcore punk, screamo, and noise rock that prioritizes speed and the desperate need for an expression of personal truth. Untitled I, Untitled II, Untitled III, Untitled IV, Untitled V, Untitled VI, Untitled VII, Guilty of Being... Wait, New Humanism, Inextricable, Created in H.I.S. Image, Two Hits, Real Ass Life, Put Yr Head Down, Son of a Gun, But Fucking Why?, Trigger Warning, Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported, The Movement Has No Head, Closer 2 Tha God