Disconnection: Disconnection (Vinyl LP)

Disconnection: Disconnection (Vinyl LP)


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'The very first legitimate reissue of this stellar 1977 Disco set on the legendary NYC Prelude label. 'Disconnection' is a rare beast, a studio group effort headed up by Robert Lee Holmes Jr., a man who had worked on numerous Soul, Funk & even Jazz titles in his native Nashville and beyond. A true underrated stalwart of Southern R&B, Holmes assembled a still mystery cast of musicians to craft this strange one-off LP. Who were the players? Where were they from? The whole release comes off as an almost 'Library' style LP with tracks short, and to the point. There is not a second or drop of Funk that is wasted throughout, proving that a little can go a long way! The music contained within is masterfully produced and arranged, it's obvious that whoever was drafted in by Holmes to realise his vision was the creme of the crop in terms of musicianship. This be the sound of the dancefloor, or the food for the starving sampler right here. Brilliant. The mystery around this fantastic LP is retained, even now in 2019 where this record is much sought after by collectors and diggers across the world. It's understandable why, this one has it all on paper, but most importantly it has the Funk in spades! Often bootlegged, to very low standards, here is your chance to own a truly unique record - fully legit! An Above Board distribution / Prelude Records collaboration. The first of many, keep them peeled!