Heavy: Hurt & The Merciless (Vinyl LP)

Heavy: Hurt & The Merciless (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Hurt & The Merciless marks a musical culmination for The Heavy, a mesmerizing blend of their trademark rock'n'roll classicism and funk and soul grooves, with added sonic experimentation. Self-produced, the band's main aim when recording was to capture the powerful energy of their live show-that life-affirming spark of rock'n'roll when anything feels possible. The 12 track album features lead single Since You Been Gone, with it's lolloping groove, plus the spiky garage-rock anthem What Happened To The Love? and is their strongest batch of songs to date. Since You Been Gone, What Happened to the Love?, Not the One, The Apology, Nobody's Hero, Miss California, Turn Up, A Ghost You Can't Forget, Last Confession, Mean Ol' Man, Slave to Your Love, Goodbye Baby