Jailhouse Rockby Elvis Presley (Vinyl Record)

Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock (7-Inch Single)

BMG / Elvis

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Jailhouse Rock, Treat Me Nice [Jailhouse Rock], I Want to Be Free [Jailhouse Rock], Don't Leave Me Now [Jailhouse Rock], Young and Beautiful [Jailhouse Rock], (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care, Jailhouse Rock [Movie Version], Treat Me Nice [Movie Version], I Want to Be Free [Movie Version], Young and Beautiful [Jailhouse Rock][Version], Don't Leave Me Now [Alternate Master][Version], Love Me Tender, Poor Boy [Love Me Tender], Let Me [Love Me Tender], We're Gonna Move [Love Me Tender], Love Me Tender [End Title Version], Let Me [Solo], We're Gonna Move [Stereo Take 9][Version], Poor Boy [Stereo], Love Me Tender [Stereo]