Nelson, Zac: New Once (Vinyl LP)

Nelson, Zac: New Once (Vinyl LP)

Styles Upon Styles

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Zac Nelson blurs the borders of pop nostalgia and experimentalism with unabashed glee throughout the brief and wondrous sound of New Once, his brand new album and first for Brooklyn's New Once flits from four top harmonies and campfire jams to psychotropic passages of blistered ambiance from one rapid minute to the next. The music mirrors the musings of a dosed poet or a Hunter S. Thompson novella, dipping from the exuberance of Some Are This to the melancholic duet Her Daddy Broke and groove thesis Ex-Stream-Esque with brushstrokes unfettered yet Mixed by Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, The Present), New Once is a freak matrimony of chaos and beauty fit for journeys under the sun. Send My Body to Her, Some Are This, Weak Robe, Her Daddy Broke, Outey Smoke, Let This Unravel, Pansize, Prickette, Ex-Stream-Esque