Fungo Bat Acetatesby The Nazz (Vinyl Record)

The Nazz: Fungo Bat Acetates (Vinyl LP)

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Red vinyl. Nazz's second album was to be a double album (as per Todd's wishes), called Fungo Bat. Recording began in Nov 1968 and completed in Spring (March) 1969. Due to band members indifference & management decisions, it was never released as such and Todd left the band to pursue a solo career. Forget All About It, There's Only One Winner, Magic Me, Gonna Cry Today, Meridian Leeward, Under the Ice, Some People, Rain Rider, Resolution, Old Time Lovemaking, Featherbedding Lover, Take the Hand, How Can You Call That Beautiful', Loosen Up, Sing a Song; Good Lovin' Woman; Sing a Song Repirse, It's Not That Easy, Plenty of Lovin', Letters Don't Count, Kiddie Boy, Christopher Columbus, Hang on Paul, Not Wrong Long, You Are My Window, A Beautiful Song