Sir Douglas Quintet: Best of (Vinyl LP)

Sir Douglas Quintet: Best of (Vinyl LP)

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14 tracks of Tex-Mex rock 'n' roll by Sir Douglas Sahm, Vox organ man Augie Meyers and the rest of the Quintet-released in '66 and reissued here with two bonus cuts! Their breakthrough hit She's About a Mover joins Sir Doug's unique treatments of the folk standard It Was in the Pines and in the Jailhouse Now plus the Tracker; the Rains Came, and more. She's About a Mover, Beginning of the End, The Tracker, You're Out Walking the Streets Tonight, It Was in the Pines, In the Jailhouse Now, Bacon Fat (Bonus Track), Quarter to Three, It's a Man Down There, The Rains Came, Please Just Say So, We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight, Walking the Streets, Blue Norther (Bonus Track)