Northwest Battle of the Bands 1 / Various: Vol. 1-Northwest Battle of the (Vinyl LP)

Northwest Battle of the Bands 1 / Various: Vol. 1-Northwest Battle of the (Vinyl LP)

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The Northwest has always been rich musically, with unique hybrids of R&B and rock and roll developing along the way. There are various theories and reasons for this, but suffice to say our musical heritage has constantly been one of high quality. And the scene in the '60s was so vibrant that local musicians could make a good living playing music, a far cry from later decades. Sixties' Northwest bands were often booked for up to 12 months in advance and had their choice of plum gigs. Of course, it took savvy entrepreneurial businessmen to make all this happen, and Jerry Dennon was one of the best. He got his start in the late '50s as a record promo man. Dennon spent a couple years in Los Angeles, but in 1962 he was back in Seattle to stay. His first major success was the Kingsmen's Louie Louie, and he never looked back. The Live Five - Move Over ; Let Me Fly, Tom Thumb ; The Casuals - I Should Know, The Sonics - High Time, The Bumps - Hey Girl, The Dimensions - Knock You Flat, The Bards - My Generation, Gil Bateman - Daddy Walked in Darkness, The Bumps - Please Come Down, The Liberty Party - Get Yourself Home, The Scotsman - Sorry Charlie, The Moguls - Try Me, The Juveniles - I've Searched, The Raymarks - Louise, The Heirs - You Better Slow Down, The Nu-Dimensions - Another Side, Mr. Lucky ; The Gamblers - Alice Designs, Owl and the Pussycat, She's Boss, Tossin' and Turnin', Money (That's What I Want), Light of Love, Seeds of Spring, Penny, Maintaining My Cool, Little Latin Lupe Lu