Law Of The Jungle: The 64 Swan Demosby Link Wray (Vinyl Record)

Link Wray: Law Of The Jungle: The 64 Swan Demos (Vinyl LP)

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In 1963, Wray scored a hit with Jack the Ripper on the Swan label. In '64, he cut 15 more tracks for Swan at Ray Vernon's studio-but, inexplicably, they remained shelved for decades. The fiery electric-guitar innovator was still in his 20s here this is prime stuff, now finally out: Rumble; Bo Diddley; Ace of Spades; Run Boy Run; Mustang; Deuces Wild; Law of the Jungle, and more! Bo Diddley, Ace of Spades, Oh What a Price, Can Your Monkey Do the Dog, Run Boy Run, Mustang, Deuces Wild, Frenchy, Begin the Beguine, Scatter, Return of Birdland, Law of the Jungle, My Alberta, The Sweeper, My Alberta