The Cyrkle: Minx (Vinyl LP)

The Cyrkle: Minx (Vinyl LP)

Modern Harmonic

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This racy B Movie from 1969 is best known for it's pop-psych soundtrack by The Cyrkle, which was recorded in '67 and has been nearly impossible to find ever since. Three-part harmonies, intricate arrangements, quintessential paisley psychedelic sounds... this is a '60s cult classic, and you get the album on vinyl (mastered from the original tapes) PLUS the movie on DVD. Bonus tracks join Squeeze Play, The Party, The Rigging, The Chase and more! Modern Harmonic. Squeeze Play 3:02, The Minx (Vocal) 2:27, Murray the Why 2:56, The Rigging 1:11, The Party 3:04, Nicole 4:08, Something Special (Alt. Instrumental) 2:25, Terry's Theme 2:05, It's a Lovely Game Louise 2:12, The Minx (Instrumental) 2:47, Something Special 2:24, On the Road 3:25, Walter's Riff 1:09, The Chase 2:12, Baxter's Dangerous Game 2:38, Kites 3:54