Terror in Americaby Gg Allin & Murder Junkies (Vinyl Record)

G.G. Allin: Terror in America (Vinyl LP)

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Bite It, Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me, Take Aim ; Fire, Outlaw Scumfuc, Terror in America, Highest Power, Cunt Suckin' Canibal, Expose Yourself to Kids, I'm Gonna Rape You, Kill the Police, Gypsy Motherfucker, I Live to Be Hated, Outlaw Scumfuc [Version 2], Fuck Authority [Acoustic], I Kill Everything I Fuck, Cunt Suckin' Canibal [Version 2], Highest Power [Version 2], Terror in America [Instrumental], Gypsy Motherfucker [Version 2], Outlaw Scumfuc [Acoustic], Be My Fuckin' Whore, Wendy ; Tilla [Acoustic]