Blood // Sugar // Secs // Trafficby Gotobeds (Vinyl Record)

Gotobeds: Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic (Vinyl LP)

Sub Pop

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Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. The Gotobeds formed vaguely around 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA and play a mutant strain of rock music that is often filed under punk, indie rock, or 99-cent discount bin. Much like their previous releases on underground stalwart labels like Mind Cure and 12XU, their second full-length LP Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic (Sub Pop) artfully slips intelligence and experimentation into a dying art form. It's a harder feat than you'd think. What you get with The Gotobeds, delivered in spades on this album, is smart, noisy rock with just the right amount of stupid. Real Maths/Too Much, Bodies, Brass Not Rash, Rope, Why'd You, Red Alphabet, Cold Gold (La's Alright), Crises Time, Manifest, Glass House, Amazing Supermarkets