Deep Time: Deep Time (Vinyl LP)

Deep Time: Deep Time (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Complex but simple psych-prog-pop-post post punk plus cryptic kraut rock mini operas? You bet! Deep Time (formerly YellowFever) changed their name, kept their sound, and are ready for you to let them into your life. As a duo they do more than a band of four. Adam Jones' drumming is unique, quirky, and perfect, which is hard to do when one hand holds a drum stick & the other is handling a keyboard. He does back up vocals, too. Jennifer Moore plays organ, and guitar and sometimes both at the same time but the band's secret weapon is Jennifer's voice. It's like a blanket for the mind and soul. Bermuda Triangle, SGT. Sierra, Coleman, Clouds, Homebody, Gilligan, Gold Rush, Marathon, Horse