Into Another: Omens (12-Inch Single)

Into Another: Omens (12-Inch Single)


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Into Another is one of the most fascinating groups to emerge from the New York underground. Coming together in 1990 with vocalist Richie Birkenhead (Underdog, Youth Of Today) and longtime friend Drew Thomas (Crippled Youth, Bold) on drums, they enlisted virtuoso Peter Moses on guitar and riffmaster Tony Bono (Whiplash) on bass. That year they released their self-titled debut on Revelation Records, which displayed the band's musical chops and tripped-out spiritual vision. In 1992, they released a four-song EP entitled Creepy Eepy that reflected their increasing range. As they gained popularity and released an epic second full-length, 1994's Ignaurus, they were quickly catapulted into the ranks of buzz bands of the era. After one final PETA benefit EP with Revelation Records, Into Another were courted and signed to Hollywood Records in 1995. The band went on to record their third full-length, Seemless, as their major label debut. While their single T.A.I.L. fared well on radio and climbed to #39 on the Billboard singles chart, mismanaged distribution and promotion ultimately played a major role in breaking up the band. By 1997, Into Another had disbanded. Any hope of a reunion seemed to disappear with the tragic death of Tony Bono in 2002, and members continued to drift apart as time passed. Luckily, in 2012, the 25th anniversary of Revelation Records brought Into Another back together, with Brian Balchack (Ignite) and Reid Black (Innaway) joining on guitar and bass. The band has never been better. Two decades since their last recorded output, Into Another are self-releasing a five-song EP entitled Omens. The eleven-pointed star rises again! Crossed, The Fray, Nocturne No. 11, Ominous, What Went Wrong